Medicare Parts Explained 2018 (FAST!)

Medicare Parts Explained by our Forbes Finance Council Medicare expert // Get our New to Medicare checklist and free 6-Day Email Mini-Course here: Trying to learn the parts of Medicare when you are first eligible is over bewildering and overwhelming. All our lives we've had our insurance options presented to us by an employer … Continue reading Medicare Parts Explained 2018 (FAST!)


Medicare Plan F vs Plan G vs Plan N

Nearly 50 million people are enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Over 11 million of those people have additional coverage through a Medigap plan. If you're concerned about out-of-pocket health care costs, enrolling in Medigap is a smart decision. The average 66-year-old couple spends about 57% of their Social Security benefits on … Continue reading Medicare Plan F vs Plan G vs Plan N

Medicare Plans in Iowa

Choosing the right Medicare plan is not always easy. There are many different supplemental plans and drug options in Iowa. However, if you first gain a basic understanding of the two primary forms of coverage, things become much clearer. The two main categories are Iowa Medigap plans, which are known as Medicare supplement plans and … Continue reading Medicare Plans in Iowa

Georgia Medicare Plans

Navigating the Medicare system can seem overwhelming in the beginning. Luckily, the plan choices really boil down to two main types of coverage: Medicare supplements (which is also known as Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plans. Understanding the basics of these two programs will allow you to find the best fit for your situation. People age … Continue reading Georgia Medicare Plans

Medicare Plans in Arkansas

Navigating the choices for Arkansas Medicare plans can be tricky, luckily there are only two primary types of coverage. Medicare supplements, commonly referred to as Medigap coverage, pay benefits after Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans are private plans that pay instead of Medicare. People turning 65 in Arkansas can choose between these two types of Medicare … Continue reading Medicare Plans in Arkansas

Understanding Louisiana Medicare Plans

Navigating the complicated world of Louisiana Medicare plans can be tricky, but luckily there are only two main types of supplemental coverage. People turning 65 have the option to select between Medicare supplements in Louisiana and Medicare Advantage plans. The two options operate differently but they are both are regulated by the federal government. These … Continue reading Understanding Louisiana Medicare Plans

Cigna Medicare Supplements Offer Great Coverage

When it comes time to begin your search for Medicare supplemental coverage, there are many great options available. Cigna is a reliable insurance company with excellent financial ratings. They also offer Medicare products in many states. The company owns several subsidiaries including Loyal American and American Retirement Life that also offers Medicare supplement products. Cigna … Continue reading Cigna Medicare Supplements Offer Great Coverage

Things to Know about Medicare in Colorado

On July 30, 1965, President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law the Medicare program. Today, Medicare continues to take care of hospital and doctor visits for older Americans, plus it includes several types of preventive care. There is even a new prescription drug program. Here are some of the critical things you should know about … Continue reading Things to Know about Medicare in Colorado

3 Tips for Saving Money During the Medicare Open Enrollment Period

The 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment Period is ending soon. This is that lovely time of year when insurance companies bombard us with solicitations and every other TV commercial has the word "Medicare" in it at least 15 times. All this hullabaloo is enough to make anyone hide their head in the sand. The Kaiser Family … Continue reading 3 Tips for Saving Money During the Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Helping Illinois Seniors Make Important Medicare Decisions

As a senior, finding the right medical coverage at an affordable price is a significant challenge. You might find Medicare itself confusing, and then there are decisions you need to make about supplemental coverage. We’ll break down your coverage options into two main choices in this post. Illinois Medicare beneficiaries have two main supplemental plan … Continue reading Helping Illinois Seniors Make Important Medicare Decisions