Are Medicare Cost Plans Going Away?

We’ve had dozens of calls already this year from beneficiaries asking whether their Medicare Cost Plans are going away. The answer is: maybe, depending upon where you live. What Are Medicare Cost Plans? Private insurance companies offer Medicare Cost Plans in the same way that Medicare Advantage plans are offered. Cost Plans have been available … Continue reading Are Medicare Cost Plans Going Away?


How Baby Boomers Can Rescue their Retirement

According to government estimates, Baby Boomers are reaching age 65 at the rate of 10,000 a day.  This retirement tsunami is putting pressure on all of our retirement safety nets, including Social Security, Medicare and private pensions.  Many Baby Boomers have never recovered from the financial losses they incurred during the recession which began in … Continue reading How Baby Boomers Can Rescue their Retirement

Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue

All Medicare beneficiaries have certain periods during which their rights to purchase a Medicare supplement are protected. These are called your Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue Rights. These rights are different from your one-time Medicare supplement open enrollment period, during which you can purchase any Medicare supplement without underwriting So, what are guaranteed issue rights for? … Continue reading Medicare Supplement Guaranteed Issue

Silver Sneakers Medicare Program

The Silver Sneakers Medicare program is a very attractive benefit to many beneficiaries. It’s also attractive to many insurance companies that supplement Medicare. These insurance companies offering Medicare supplement and Advantage plans also know that fitness, wellness and prevention go along way toward reducing claims costs. That’s why many Medicare plans these days have partnerships … Continue reading Silver Sneakers Medicare Program

Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture or Other Naturopathic Treatments?

Does Medicare cover acupuncture? What about naturopathic doctors? More and more these days, we get calls from Medicare beneficiaries asking whether Medicare covers acupuncture or holistic medicine. As technology advances, so does our understanding of natural medicines, and many baby boomers aging into Medicare today want to have naturopathic options. But what does Medicare cover? … Continue reading Does Medicare Cover Acupuncture or Other Naturopathic Treatments?